I want to ask a boy out but he's a player but I really like him and I don't know what to do? any advice?

i started to talk to a boy who i am really starting to fall for him but i also found out he's a player and i don't know if it's true cuz he's so nice and sweet and understands everything he told me a lot about himself and he said im the only person he's been himself with for a very long time, i found out he was a player by one of my ex boyfriends and my friends but i don't know who to believe honestly cuz i mean i want to ask him out but i don't really want to date someone who could have a bad ego with girls i know all my friends go to school with him and say he is a player but like then again a lot of my friends r saying he isn't please help?


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  • If he is a player, you don't date him unless you wanna get played. All the stuff he tells you like being himself with you and all that is just stuff he tells you so he can sleep with you. He sees what makes you emotionally tied to him and uses those lines to get you in bed. That's how it works. So if you wanna screw him and get left behind go right ahead.


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  • You're so dumb. Just go ask him, then when he cheats or whatever, come back here with the more interesting questions about him cheating on you or treating you like crap.
    Good luck with it all!