Men, why do you call women crazy? What defines crazy?

One of my best friends is sweet, cool, low maintenance, beautiful and funny. Guys she dates call her crazy. Some of our guy friends call her crazy. It doesn't make sense, and it hurts her feelings. I don't fault her for being hurt.


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  • My bro knows crazy. Little story:

    So my bro once dated the coolest, sexiest, most considerate, awesome broad years back. Just one catch. She was CRAZY. So let me tell you just one story, out of dozens.

    They were fighting over the phone and then she came over to his apartment, intoxicated, screaming kicking and banging on the door which was locked. Neighbors called the cops. He didn't want to be there when 5-0 showed up, so he fled out the back window. She caught him in the act and chased him. Mind you this broad is sporty, but wearing flip-flops and she's been drinking. So my bro figures, "I'm a guy, I got this. I'll break down this alley and jump this fence. She won't follow, she won't be able to." Wrong. He jumps the fence, keeps on runnin', thinks he's in the clear, then looks back and this broad had straight up scaled the fence-in her sandals-and hit the ground runnin'. He ended up havin' to outrun this chick for like a half mile. We nicknamed this episode "The Sarah Conner Chronicles" after the Terminator chick.

    Now that's crazy.


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  • Going to be a long reply :P Understand, men and women are not very different except a few exceptions (physical and mental processes). Men are for the most part logically driven, women are emotionally driven most of the time. Think of us men like a business, no business likes bad news, or in other words inefficiency. When women get emotional, or too emotional, it interrupts that logical flow; emotional reactions or actions are seen as illogical and inefficient. Women on the other hand, do not understand why a guy cannot "feel" her side of the story. Now, I'm not saying men can't be emotional, or women can't be logical, it's just not our primary mode of thinking. I'm a super rational person, but I still feel. I understand men and women quite well because I put the effort to try to understand others. I've never called any woman crazy before, because there's always more to the story. I've heard many men call women crazy, such as insecure women primarily because they are extremists and so on. In fact, I'm curious about this friend, if you want you can message my profile. I could try to assist in trying to decode your friend's behaviors.

  • If she gets worked up a lot and such the hysteria created can cause guys to feel how worked up she is and cause them to say that she is crazy. Like a situation can be bad and she can get worked up where if she was calmer, it wouldn't lead to the crazy accusations.

  • Depends on the situation. I would say is she's extremely volatile, contradictory, or hostile towards others around her - then I would classify her as crazy.

    Volatile - does a 180 degree turn, socially speaking, in a very short time span. i. e. I like you, I hate you, let's be friends, I want more than friends.
    Contradictory - this one admittedly needs to come along with one of the other signs, on it's own it's a red flag, but I wouldn't write someone off as crazy for it. So says something but does something else OR body language strongly indicates one thing, but then they go ahead and say something that doesn't sync with said body language. i. e. say she says she's just friends with a guy, but she's going up and being extremely sexual with him.
    Hostile towards others - constantly finds flaws in others, views them as competition, or talks badly about them behind their back.

  • Generally the word crazy in reference to a woman, is a woman that is jealous to the extreme. A woman with a lot of insecurities and baggage. A woman that says shed die without her man. If multiple men call her crazy then more then not she will display some if not all these traits.

  • Estrogen is one crazy bitch.

    Monday: Normal
    Tuesday: Upset
    Wednesday: Happy
    Thursday: Angry
    Friday: Emotional
    Saturday: Fatty/Over Eating
    Sunday: Normal

  • She reacts erratically and/or inconsistently to events. Crazy. Nothing to do with the other adjectives you mentioned.


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  • So many jerks around don't know how to handle a happy and a unique person. Just because someone is like that doesn't mean they are crazy, that's the way they are, happy very much alive. Is Better to be crazy than boring lol

    • Hahaha. She is super funny. But mellow too. Guys fall so hard for her, fast... but then after things end... they call her crazy!!! It is so upsetting for me as a friend!

    • Too bad maybe they say it to get rid of her without feeling guilty of their behavior towards her. Yes I understand the feeling, that will upset me too. Once I was told by a guy I liked that I was crazy, he hurt my feelings and I told him, if you can't handle me in this mood, then you aren't worth my time.
      I think people who act silly, happy and fun to be around are the best. I can't stand serious people.
      Is their lost not your friend lost.:D

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