Why does my boyfriend get mad when I go on Facebook?

Me and my boyfriend ended up sharing a Facebook because we argued to much over it... We both creeped exes occasionally and it caused problems so we got a fb together and blocked every ex... We'll occasionally I reactivate our Facebook and he gets so mad at me why? I'm not even doing anything just seeing what my friends are up to


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  • -_- everyone just wants to be popular on facebook... or show off how much fun they are having, and how much fun they are as a person.
    My advice would be to stay off facebook... its causing too many problems for people, because the past always comes back, and yea it sucks to admit... we miss it. Your dudes getting mad because your curious about your ex... the one that got away i assume.

    that'd make any guy lose it, because its showing that you may still feel for the other dude. And that is very uncomfortable for most guys to handle... and vice versa


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  • sounds like your bonafide stage 5 clingaaa

  • That sounds weird.
    You're both making it weird by treating Facebook like it's a problem.
    But I'm no expert so take my words with a grain of salt.


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  • yous have gotta talk, cause he seems like he just wants to control you and not let you socialize -.-

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