Does she have interest on me? But I think I HAVE TO REJECT HER?

Hello GaGs,
I have a question here. I met this girl on Facebook probably half years ago, she's from Hong Kong. I'm from Malaysia. Of course, we have a distance issue here.
Yesterday she suddenly pop out from my Facebook chat, and I didn't EXPECT that. and she told me she want to chat with me.
I told her I dislike typewriting so we had a Skype for 6 minutes this morning
She asked me ''what's the type I like'', I probably knows ''what type'' she's referring to. She mentioned it once again during our Skype session, but i didn't answer her.
She often liked, comment my posts on Facebook by the way.
She looks nice, 2 years younger than me, but I felt like rejecting her because we can't meet up in fact due to distance issue. I don't want to have online relationships..
So, correct thing to do for now is?

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  • Just tell her, LDR cannot last i have experience for 5years and no hope. Asked her find in her local place is easy for her and knowing a person face to face and you can see him the true person. Online is all fake and lies


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  • I was you I'd ignore her. Plenty of people nearly; no need to do the long distance thing


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