What a guy likes about a girl?

The title says it all. What makes a girl noticeable to you? What qualities do you look for in them?


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  • 1.) Attitude (Does she look friendly and approachable?) If she does I like it.
    2.) Image (Does she look like she cares about the way she presents herself?) Not huge but it shows you respect yourself.
    3.) Smile (A pretty smile makes her more attractive)
    4.) Friendliness (Does she treat her friends with respect and if she is nice to others its a plus)
    5.) Body (Does she look like she tries to take care of herself)
    6.) Does she like me? (If the answer is yes then I like her more especially if I already liked her a lot before!)


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  • For me-

    1. Braveness
    2. Sense of right and wrong
    3. Kind

    (Psst... It doesn't hurt if she's cute xD.. Makes her a little more noticeable a little more quickly ).

  • When I met my GF (soon to be fiancee) I was instantly attracted to her independence, her sense of humor, and her outdoorsy nature. It helped that she is really pretty too. The quality of men that you are looking for will value personality and chemistry more that physical attraction.

  • I personally look at personality above all qualities. A girl can have the most beautiful body, face or whatever, but if they dont have a good personality, you know that their boyfriend does not truly love them for who they are. The looks are all superficial. As long as you are a girl who has a friendly personality, who is funny, easy to talk to, and have a lot of things in common, real nice guys will be there for you.


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