One night stand won't go away?

So my brother is having issues getting rid of a one night stand! To the point that he actually came to me about it lol. The lady is a 43 year old who hangs out with a bunch of gay guys in their 20's-30's bar hopping every weekend. My brother just turned 31. His best friend dates one of her friends so they run into each other frequently. He doesn't want to be a jerk, but he's just not into her. How does he tell her to stop the constant texts (got his number from friend), continuous flirting, and offers of hooking up. I read through them and they are pretty bad! He is very to the point when/if he responds. Never leaves any room for any kind of misunderstanding, in my opinion... Does he have to flat out tell her to leave him alone? Thanks! I wouldn't normally ask but he's already done everything I would of suggested!


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  • umm maybe not reply.
    My ex boyfriend would tell me, he doesn't want to be with me and is moving on - but he would always reply and i would think, well obviously he didn't mean what he said otherwise why would he be talking to me and replying.

    But if he's not contacting me in anyway then i think, obviously he's not interested


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  • He might want to tell this lady politely and nicely that he isn't interested in her. by doing this this lady is preventing herself from getting a husband. make shure your brother tells her nicely and politely that he has no instrest in ger what so ever.