How would you guys take this situation?

I met this man through a mutual female friend. She has been my friend for 14 years and had only known this man for 6 months. She had a bf at the time but would go to his apartment until morning and discuss her relationship problems. This man and I hit it off though. I told him I wouldn't have sex until I was in a relationship. He became really intense and told me I was the type of woman he could see himself with. I didn't have sex after 2 dates so he went to my friend and discussed why I wasn't ready for a relationship. They both then ignored me and kept their friendship going. 3 months later she becomes single again and they start dating. How would you guys see this situation? I would like others points of views.

When I see him at the gym he just stares at me. It's really uncomfortable.
Is what they did okay? They keep telling me that I only see things in black and white. They're being quite cruel.


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  • His view on relationships is a bit skewed, since it's not solely dependent on sex.

    • He says his ex used to with hold sex from him all of the time so now he can't handle physical rejection.

    • While that may be true, that's something that's not your problem. His issues with rejection do not automatically translate to you giving up on your morals and ideals. In fact, that could be seen as a form of manipulation, where he's trying to make you feel sorry for him.

      So good for you to stick up for yourself and not be pressured!!

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  • Thats rather weird. I don't think either of them are good for you and worth your time and the gym thing is selfish and disrespectful
    I'm sorry that this happened to you though, odd people

    • Thanks! They don't think they did anything wrong. He said he ignored me because I didn't give him space after. I had just confided in him about a past abusive relationship. I was vulnerable. They think it's okay for them to date because him and I hadn't slept together yet. They think they're friends but friends don't want to sleep with each other and have feelings for one another.

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