Why is she playing games with my heart?

ok i like this girl a lot guys, and a few weeks ago a friend in our group saw her a the movies and when the guy asked her who he was. she said that was bae ofcourse my heart fell in my chest. so i backed off and talked with another girl not to make her jealous but moving on. Now were all in a group chat and me and the 3 other guys were talking about models and the girls in the chat including her didn't say anything. now i said this girl and the guy said who was said that and the girl i liked quickly respond. tonight we all met up for our call backs for school play. and when we got there she said hi to me. now later that night she brought up that girl i was talking about in group chat and tell me that she kinda looks like her, hair and skin i didn't know how to respond but i just went with it. and then she told me she was her theater husband, then i said what about your bae? she went quiet and then said when we are at theater practice she's all mine (confused). i replied and said haha your playing with my heart now and when we got broken up into groups and she sees me again she said i missed you or leave she will say i'll miss you. while we were waiting around she told me she wanted to hear me sing and i told her i dont know the lyrics to my audition anymore and she handed me her phone to look them up. i honeslty dont get this girl. and im really goofy and childish so i joke around alot, and sometimes when i would make a joke she would slap me. then i would make a face where my face blows up llike a blow fish and she said he so cute when he makes that face or something like that. that night when she was leaving she said bye & so did i but she was lingering and i said you want a hug and she said yes but she didn't really hug me but she hugged me if that makes sense... and that girl i was talking too. she asked her something and the girl told her infront of me that i like her which i dont the girl i actually like who was there then said well he does like mixed girls

for got to add but when she was talking to the girl she told her i was her theater husband I don't know if she was being cattty or if she actually likes me and was hinting me I don't know


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  • wow that is the hardest story to follow. She probably just likes the attention and likes the idea of leading you on. She just wants to make you feel small because you like her and she's just basically tugging you along like a toy. Show some masculinity and be straight with her !! :))

    • she's not tugging me along i dont follow her around or anyhting like that im pretty distant for her now i use to pay her attention but i quit all of that... so your saying next time she calls me her theater husband i should her its either me or the other supose it guy? i mean she was going around telling other people im her husband and its strange how she acts liek that

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  • She is playing games. She has to know that you like her. Just be straight with her. Ask her do she likes you, if she doesn't move on to another girl.

    • why is she playing games with me? a few friends of ours that know her told me that she is werid and shy

    • I agree with what @lolzalosa said. I think she wants attention, but you should ask her. I'm shy and veryy awkward, but when I like someone I only show interest in them. However, she could've been just kidding when she called your friend bae.

    • she didn't call my friend bae she was at the movies with a guy a few weeks ago and our friend in our group of theater freinds see her there with a guy and the guy told us in group chat he seen her and the next day we all hung out at the pool and she automatically said she was car pooling with me since she doesn't drive we were meeting at our friends house to ride in one car. and the guy ask her who the guy was she was at the movies with and she said thats bae. I don't know if they are offical but i know she playing games with me and I've told her that yesturday when she called me her theater husband i laughed and said what about your bae won't he get mad, then she was quiet for like a second and then said when she is at theater practice she is all mine one then i said oh im just your side guy she got quiet again and one of the guys in our group who knows her said he thinks she likes me if she calls me that again ima just be upfront with her and tell her i won't be number 2

  • It sounds as though she likes you, but she may just be joking around.

    What does "bae" mean?

    • thats what my find said that knows her pretty well he thinks she likes me to and asked me why she called me her "theater hubby" he told me to just play along and bae means before anyone else dumb slang haha I don't know why she randomly brought it & started comparing herself to the model girl i said that was gonna be my wife jokinly in our group chat and then her going around telling another girl who i was talking to that im her husband when she already apparently has a man

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    • I highly doubt she's kissing these guys we friends says she very introvert and shy and we last boyfriend all she did was peck but anyways but I'll be seeing a lot more of her since were in the play together I'll defiantly ask her out

    • That's all good then :)
      Good luck

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