Are we just friends? or more?

This guy really liked me a year ago and it was obvious. I liked him too, we were kind of a thing a year ago, but I moved for a year and now I'm back in the same area. He seems like he still likes me but not in the same way he did before. I feel like he wants to be just friends, but I still really like him. What should I do?


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  • You should try to bring back your friendship that you had a year ago. For example invite him out for a night out, just to catch up and stuff. If you guys are good enough friends and he doesn't have any girl he's got his eyes on, then i am pretty sure his feelings will come back again. It may seem like he doesn't like you the same way as before, but you have to remember its been a year since you last saw him, so people may change. It may just be the way he acts but he may still have feelings for you. hope this helps ;)

    • Ok thanks so much :) I asked him to hang out so we'll see how it goes...

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  • ask him out on a date?