Strange situation with this guy?

So I've been seeing this guy every once in awhile who is a contractor and is constantly working out of town. He lives over an hour away from me but is down here a lot for his job.

We've had sex a few times, and we seem to connect very well. He shows a lot of interest in me and keeps saying he wants to take me on a date sometime when I get off work earlier than the time he normally goes to bed, which is around 9-10 o'clock.

He works like a 12-14 hour shift everyday, and always seems dead tired. I really like him and wish he could be my boyfriend, its just confusing to me as to where this situation is really leading to. When we first hung out it was like as friends. We talked about this and that, and we discussed relationships. He told me he doesn't have a girlfriend, and that he used to talk to a girl, but never dated her because he is never home.

Does it sound like there's a chance for something meaningful, or is he probably just using me?


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  • I don't think he is at all using you or else he would of lost contact and never tried hard in reaching you back i think what you need to do is try to show more signs your interested and understanding toward his time maybe taking the first step by picking up lunch or or dinner and take it to his house cause ik after work he is probably hungry and to tired to cook so i would try doing that coming to him until you guys can finally go out and do something together on a time your both available on or inviting him over to your place for movie and dinner think outside of the box when doing something like be creative