Why would a girl do this and why does this mean?

I allowed my girlfriend to change my Facebook relationship status to in a relationship at the start of our relationship. After she went on my Facebook to do this, I asked her a couple days later why she hasn't changed her status. After confronting her about this, she agreed with my stance that hers should be changed as well, and she did change it... but after a couple months went by, I showed my friend her profile through his account, but noticed that her page had our relationship status hidden. So basically she has her settings where only I can see the relationship. Is there any good reason for this? It doesn't make sense to me how she changes mine on my page, but blocks her relationship status to other people on her profile. What should I do and what does this mean?


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  • Sounds to me like she wants everyone to know that you're taken, but she wants to keep her options open. I didn't know you could specify who you show your relationship to on Facebook...

    • exactly, she wants people to know your taken, girls can't talk to you but maybe she still likes the attention, and keeps her status hidden.. is she a jealous person? she won't let you allow talking to others but she will still be talking to others...

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