How do I keep him wanting to see me?

I started seeing this guy because my friend is seeing his best friend and we kind of got pushed together.
He is super attractive and really really lovely.
He slept over the first night but we didn't do anything, he slept over the second night and we still didn't do anything.
Third night we had sex and he stayed over.
He added me on Facebook that morning.
He stayed last night as well.
We flirt like crazy, cuddle, watched a movie etc.
He doesn't really text me unless i text him first, except sometimes at night (assuming when he is thinking of coming over).
I don't want a relationship with him but i would like a thing but i don't know if he is into that.
He is staying in uni accommodation near mine this week but then he moves back a bit down the street and i don't want it to stop because he moves away.
I obviously don't want to come on too strong and am making him chase me a little by not initiating much.


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  • I believe, for now you seem to have him eating out of your hand, that things are moving a bit too fast with----Between the sheets and it could get Old Real Quick, sweetie. He may feel as well, for guys can be unpredictable, sporadic too, that the moves that are grooving may be going too fast and he may start to show signs of---Moving himself when 'he moves a bit down the street.'
    Go slower with him. This is new yet. Nurture and nurse what you have, but Get to know one another better. Open lines of communication are important in Any Newbie relationship, even if it is friends, and if you can do 'Some things together,' then you can also Talk over some things as well. Find out what he wants, tell him what you want or Not.
    I also find that with many of today's guys, 'Texting' is not what it's all about, so give him some time. And when it is all said and done, this Whenever 'he is thinking of coming over,' that too can become a habit where it's just when he wants something. Don't end up a cutie of convenience.
    As far as Continuing just because he 'moves away,' That doesn't seem so far to me. I married a man out in Egypt and although I can't always fly out to see him when he would like me to, where your guy Is, Is just a stone's throw from where my husband Is. And no matter how far or close, love will find a way.
    Good luck. xx

    • So he isn't coming over today. Do you think i should just leave it and wait for him to make the next move then?

    • Yes, let him Get in touch with you... And play a bit hard to get when it comes to getting cozy between the sheets... xx

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