Am I making this too easy for him? Any advice would be great!!?

Three weeks ago I was done!! I wasn't going to date, I just was done with guys. I am too nice, I trust and that makes it hard. And I didn't want to do it anymore.

Then, I met X. He swept me off my feet. X has a demanding job, much more so then most girls will put up with. (I do know plenty of people in the field and dating tends to be a problem).

X and I have talked, and we are "seeing each other". What we agreed on, is if he couldn't handle it, he'd tell me and we both promised that if we met other people we'd tell each other.

X is mature, respectful and seems to care. But I never dreamed of how hard this would be. Every time he's late because of work he calls, every time he has to cancel he tires to make it up to me (but it happens often which probably is legitimate) .

Here's the problem, I am busy (less so then him), and because I was DONE, I'll deal with this. I am always so nice about it, you know? like he could be lying and I am trusting him but at the same time I am scared because of my past. Should I tell him how I feel?

I'd send a text like this. "I do meet guys, but I wanted to tell you when I met you I was done! I was tired of the lies, games and trusting people I shouldn't. But I believe you'll always be honest with me and I hope that doesn't change"


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  • This is so typical of couples where one person has loads more of disposable free time when compared to the other person. While one person's mind is occupied and kept busy with thoughts of "WORK" or "SCHOOL," the other person's mind is kept busy by thoughts of "Why hasn't he texted more than just two times today? Is it that hard to take a 1 minutes break from what you're doing every 5 minutes to write me a thoughtful text? Ugh, and then, would it be too much to ask if he actually stays of his phone for a bit more for when I respond to his text, so I can feel like he cares and like I'm having a conversation with someone? I just want 5 minutes of his time. . . every 5 minutes. What is he doing with his time anyway? What if he's not working? What if it's just a cover, and excuse, and he's really sleeping with other women? What if he's having sex right now? Is that why he's not so sexually aggressive with me? He's probably too exhausted from getting it somewhere else! I can't believe he would lie to me! I'm so tired of being treated this way, lied to, used and fooled all the time."

    Him: "Hey, miss you."

    Her: "Fcuk you and your lying cheating womanizing wh0re loving @ssholeness!"

    • Lol your point is dam good! Thanks. I should trust him until I have a reason not too! I am trying not to be that bad. But I am still wondering! So seriously thanks that made me laugh out loud! he's worth it, and I have every reason to think he feels like that about me too!

    • and I am not going to text him that might make it worse

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  • It couldn't hurt to tell him... i'm not sure it'd help either though
    regardless of whether he's honest or not, he'll reassure you that everything's fine

    best case scenario, he can't really do anything about his job... and it sounds like he's doing what he can to be considerate... you both knew in advance that it would be difficult

    maybe making more use of the time you DO have together would help... that's what many deployed soldiers do with their spouses... and it strengthens the relationships

    • also, X? you make it sound like a word problem, lol XD

    • Ha ha I could have used that guy, but I am doing my stats homework right now so forgive me. lol

    • aaah... so a better answer would have been the probability of the relationship working out, with the standard deviation included of course, lol :D

      (i loved stats, hehe)