What are good signs to look for to figure out if a guy is using you for sex?

Pretty much the question above. How can a girl tell if a guy was trying to use her to get some?

Is there anything I can look for in terms of what he says and does?

I really don't think guys are dumb enough to tell the girl they're using her lol, so just wondering if I can figure it out on my own.


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  • If he asks for nude photos RED FLAG

    • He did ask for that. And pretty early on also.. Like around the third week or so..

      That is really early to ask for something like that, right? We weren't officially a couple even

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    • Good girl always listen to your internal radar I'm very proud of you.

    • Thank you for the MHO my friend. :)

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  • Well I look at it this way. Have you ever heard the saying "nice guys finish last?" That's because the outgoing guys are usually the ones that girls are the most attracted to and more often than not they are using her for sex. Outgoing guys are usually a lot more comfortable showing their feelings and emotions and don't care or respect people as much as shy/nice guys do. Shy/nice guys are always worried about messing up somehow, doing something stupid or embarassing himself/making things awkward. That being said if you see a guy who is super nice to you and tries to make sexual advances on you within a relatively short time period then your red flag should go up. If you establish your boundaries to him and he "stops" but then tries again later or tries to convince you or pressure you into having sex again then he's obviously just trying to cum and then leave you afterwards. Because of this "nice guys finish last" because genuinely nice guys are often mistaken for this type of guy when in reality, a genuine nice guy will respect a woman's boundaries as well as her sexual boundaries whereas the fake nice guys will keep trying to make sexual advances or distance himself from the girl after she establishes that he's going to have to wait a while.

  • look between his legs. If you see a penis, chances are he is using you for sex.

    Relationships are to men what sex is to women. Few guys actively seek a relationship, but the concept kinda grows on them.

  • I think the whole point of the exercise is that you don't know that intention.

    So, I'd say there isn't any definitive way to say.

  • if sex is the only way he shows you that he cares about you, if he immediately has something else to do after you two have sex.. if he just doesn't seem all that interested in doing things other than sex...


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