Ladies what will do if guy kiss you and touch ur chest on a first date? And acting werid in all sudden?

I have a first date this evening with that guy. He text yday to me very sweet n loving when meeting up his confident and bought me 7 eleven ice lemon bottle, chocolates and muffins passed with plastic bag together. His sweet but kinda cheaps cake? We walked and sit on the banch and talk, he put his arms ard me and kiss me and rub my chest. Later he told me I am not in a serious relationship.. He tell me honestly, then my feelings hurt I tear infront of him. He told me not to cry or else he leaves :( so I stop but I'm still hurt, cause yday evening I text and honest to him that I fear if he met me then the next day he change his mind. And he told me to think positive he would leave me, but now he did. And i did not have good time and I he should what he did to me. I am interested with him not fall for him.. He didn't bring me too me dinner or movie, he told me to eat the muffins but I have no mood cause he made me sad. I just about walk off but I didn't cause I dun wan too be rude. I dress up nice and I am fed up he didn't treat me anything. When we go off took the train his acting weird he told me his finger is itchy and when the train comes I told him to go but he walk de other side n walk ard the station? And he told me too wait.. So I might think his friends was there and he was shame of me. When say good bye thought he will give me and hug or kiss on my cheeks. But he just wave me Hv a good day bye. :(


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  • Get in bed with him, suck his cock

    • Didn't happen.. I Shave for noting

    • I am shaving tonight, and I think she is ready for a fuck, she in her nighty already, nipples are pointing through it.

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