Am I crazy for being annoyed about this?

I message him we talk for a bit then mid conversation he doesn't reply even though he's on FB and shit. We're dating and this annoys me.. Should I try to be a bit less.. crazy? Am I being crazy? XD


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  • It annoys me too. Don't worry about it too much.

    • I try. But it's like "OMG WHY YOU DO THIS?" XD At least I'm not alone! :D

    • Haha, well, just quietly bring it up and ask why he does it :P

    • Yeah haha good idea I will :D

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  • Maybe you could try going a bit easier on him. Who knows, maybe you come over as desperate at time whilst trying to suffocate him. Although it's still him who can tell you the right answer. Asking him might help ;)

    • I agree. How can I not seem desperate? (in your opinion) :)

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    • I mean when he messages you, then sure, go ahead and reply to him as much as you want. But when you get this sudden urge to message him, just try to do it less often (e. g only 1x instead of 2x a day etc. :)

    • Ahh I misread.. Great idea! Thanks :)

  • Thing that makes the difference is what you consider as "a bit". If you are overwhelming him, he might just ignore you. Just step back a bit and see his reaction.

    • By a bit I mean we're talking and both (at least it seems) we're both enjoying the conversation.. And then he just leaves.

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