Guys, would you say that you are truly inlove with a girl and yet not call her in a Month?

O. K guys and girls, you can all response,,, Girls let me know what you think also.
is it possible for a man 47 years old to be inlove or so he claimed but because of sorting things out financially on his side not call the woman he claimed he loved so dearly I one month, someone he wanted to grow old with etc. tell me as i am at a lost.


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  • Guys are expected to be 'Providers' and make a home, and 'protect' women that they love. It is in our DNA, and the way we are. If he is having financial issues, he is having self-esteem issues, and probably physical issues, sexually. It is part of who we are. Like it, or hate it, it is part of being a 'man', now.
    If he is avoiding you, based on what you said, he is probably terrified that you will think he is a failure, having money issues.
    It may not seem rational, or whatever, but providing a home, a solid income, and 'providing' for a wife/girlfriend and children is part of what makes a man, a MAN.
    He is probably embarrassed, not feeling like a 'MAN', having issues that we are supposed to 'Know' how to deal with.
    Sadly, I can't tell you to just call him, and tell him it is ok. It is male pride, and he has to work it out.
    You can try to talk to him, and tell him that he can trust you, and you want to help, and you love him, but it is a 'crap shoot' if he will respond, depending on how deep he is, with his financial issues.
    I wish I could give you a solution, but maybe just understanding his POV can help you... .


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  • If I am in-love with a girl she is currently my main point of interest, she is my addiction, etc. I should WANT to make time for her, rather than feel obligated. While I do know responsibilities can take a toll on your motivation, a month is just ridiculous. I am not saying he's playing you, but it looks pretty likely. Perhaps you could look/ask around and see if you can find any more information, do you know for sure what he's doing in his free time?

    • I know for sure that he is really into deep financial problems, real deep. work also was a bit slow in town and I know for sure that he is outn of town working and he is indeed a workaholic, even when we just stsrted talking that's the point where he was expressing his love for me, I recall him not calling me for 4 days, and when I called he actually thanked me for calling him.. As he was very busy. he appears to be someone who buried himself into work to rid him self of problems he faced with. I recall him telling me that since we stsrted talking it stopped the vodka.. I am here trying to analyze, as I am not use to such situiations.. I realize he is kind of different, but I am still curious. what do you think.

    • Sounds like he has an addictive personality. For me, I am addicted to video games, that's why when I look for girls I am interested in I look for ones who would be willing to do the same thing because I don't think I could give up my addiction. Rather than waiting for him to get closer, maybe you could try to get more involved in his life perhaps with the things he does? Then once you get more involved in his life (could you go on one of his out of town trips with him?) maybe you can ease him into taking breaks every now and then :)

    • He invited me once before but he realised that it would be hard for me.

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  • I am not sure, cause I don't know he guy but I will tell you this truthfully. Me, myself, I am in love with a guy and I DON'T let it be known. I will show a little bit, but then I pull back cause I am afraid of losing him in a way and I am afraid if I go forward with him that our relationship will eventually end. I know, I got issues lol! But I haven't called or texted him in months, but I am in love with him. It's not always cut and dry, yeah at first glance anyone (including me) would say "This guy is a bullshit liar and is not into you" But... sometimes that's not always the case. He could very well be scared, he could be an asshole that toyed with your emotions. He could have trust issues, he could be busy and worried about his financial struggles, and therefore feels that he can't give you 100% so he would rather wait till he figures everything out then continue the relationship with you. I am just saying it is possible to be in love with someone and not call them or text them or whatever cause that is the exact situation I am in, but I am the one that doesn't call.

    I hope you find out a concrete answer from him. Just giving you my perspective that not everything is cut and dry and sometimes there are special circumstances why a person would do this. Take care.

    • what makes me wonder even more is that he met me entire family, he even planned with my aunt to cook for us... he met my kids who he claimed he love very much,, now when they asked me for him I simply say he is very busy. lol at myself...

    • Sounds like there is some resistance. Communication is the key. I would talk to him and say "Look you are giving a lot of mixed signals here, if you have issues or whatever, we'll work through it or if you don't want me, then just say it cause you are messing with my emotions and my kids emotions" I would say something like that, cause this guy can't be doing this to you and your children. Regardless, if it's trust issues, or him being a dick, or financial struggles, whatever! You have the right to know, and you need to know. He can't be giving mixed signals like this, and since he is 47 years old , he should be mature enough to answer you. I am sorry you are going through this. My personal opinion though, it seems like something is going on, either it's trust issues, or some kind of struggle he's going through, that's the impression I get. But most importantly talk to him and try to get an answer, and give him an ultimatum. I hope everything works out! :)

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