Gone on three dates with this guy, but he's been on vacation for a week. How should I greet him?

Met him online, hung out with him three times. The last time I think he tried to kiss me, but I didn't expect it so I pulled away.
Since after our first date we've been exchanging paragraph-long texts, and we always have a lot to talk and laugh about.
I didn't hug him until the second date, and so things have been moving particularly slowly, which is actually perfect for me because though I'm 22, I've never dated anyone, or even kissed anyone.
BUT he's been away on vacation for the past week, and we're planning on seeing each other when he gets back, but I don't really know how I should greet him... I figured I'd just hug him and ask how his trip was... Don't really want to go for a kiss, or say anything about missing him. Like I said, I feel like I need to move slow and have time to become comfortable around him.


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  • I think hugging him and asking him about his trip is perfect! Kissing him might be too much considering he's not your boyfriend. I do consider telling him that he's the first person you've dated, when ever you seem to feel really comfortable with him. I consider doing so only cause if you dont I think he might start to thing you're not interested since you won't kiss him and things are moving slowly. I also think he might start to think its kinda cute and it would help him grow and understanding of how to react with you during the relationship.


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  • Maybe apologize about last time saying that he caught you off guard, and if it feels right Kiss him on the cheek, to make him know that you are sorry. Hugs are always good too


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