How to tell if a guy is only interested in your body?

Say you're dating this guy right? How do you tell if hhe's only in it for your body? What, are the signs?


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  • He's not interested in you. Like, doesn't care what you have to say, and only ever really responds if it's you coming on to him or whatever. You could test it out if you wanted. Come up with some really boring story and see if he's acting interested, asking you about it and such... I mean, even the most boring stories can be somewhat interesting and if he's not asking you anything at all about it, he's most likely just keeping you around as a trophy wife


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  • He gets physical quickly.

    He does not respect your boundaries.

    He does not care that you are nervous.

    He is overly aggressive.

    He has a form of love in his heart, the man I describe above. But it is not a form of love that will benefit you or satisfy you. It is the kind of love that will leave you cold and alone.

    Above all, trust your gut. What are your instincts saying? Ignore your deceitful heart long enough to hear the still, small voice.


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