Guy probably still in touch with ex?

How likely is this?
I've only been talking to him for 3 weeks but she is number 1 on his snapchat (I'm in my 20s so it's a thing)
They were together for like 3 years and broke up around March.
I'm surprised he told me so much about them.
He said she hung around him even when he said he wanted to be a slut in college and eventually he fell for her.
They did long distance for a bit but then ended it.
I told him flat out I suspect he still wants to be with her.
He said she actually called him saying she would move to be with him but he said nah, it's over, he's done.
Anyways, he also seems to like his ego stroked. I am all about the loving and compliments in person but over text I tease him about it, like if he sends me a pic of him working out, I joked that he sent that too all his female contacts
Also he loves to call me a player... when I suspect HE'S the player. (considering his past) In fact it's getting kind of old (him calling me a player/pimp)
He used to text me good morning but hasn't in the past 2 days. I much prefer over the phone or in person. I only snapchat something random MAYBE once a day.
Also he's not very creative with date ideas. It's always rather chill.
Honestly I'm getting a bit bored. The conversations and everything is great in person. But he doesn't call, only snapchat or text, and it's boring.
Maybe he's getting bored too?
I feel like we are probably really attracted but can't seem to connect 100%
Just any insight would be appreciated!


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  • Lots of guys don't really like calls, texts, etc. 2 days isn't much to worry about too, especially given that you've been talking with him for a short time. The question of whether he's in contact with his ex seems to be answered when you say she's her #1 spot on snapchat.

    For it to be boring barely a month in isn't that great of a sign, but then again it also may not be enough time to really get to know each other. Should really consider the whole relationship though since the ex seems to be a huge focal point already.

    • Thanks for the advice.
      I know it's his ex because I found him on Facebook (didn't add) and saw that her actual name and snapcaht name are similar. I actually said to him before 'oh another girl is your #1' and he said 'that girl doesn't even live near here and i haven't known you long and you're my number 3' ... after all the talking about her he didn't say 'yeah that's my ex'?
      Also how normal is it to talk about her on a first date. I actually said wow you're talking about your ex and he seemed to shrug it off like whatever I'm just being open. He even told me about another girl he dated just after her. Why would he do that? to show he is desired or something?

      I dont want to be mean but today he snap chatted me at 7.30pm 'still at work' and I replied 'on a Friday (sad face)' and he replied 'just got home and working tomorrow too'. I didn't reply because I have no idea what to say! Plus I'm pulling away a bit because I'm insecure about the ex. uggh

    • Understandable, I'd figure it's common sense to avoid talk about the ex, especially on the first date! Ridiculous.

      He thought talking about those things would bring about a waaay different outcome than what actually happened. Good chance you're right, he's just trying to be be honest with you. Except the ex belongs in the 'not for now' group of topics, plus there's better ways of being honest, but I digress. Also showing he is desired is definitely a possibility.

      Texting game seems to be weak too. Maybe you should pull away for a bit, see how he reacts. If for anything else, he's not really helping his case with you.

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