Does this girls still want to go out with me or not? I'm very confused with the whole situation?

So about 3 weeks ago, I started seeing this girl - the first date was great I took her out to dinner we went on a walk, we made out outside her down and she invited me to go out with her the next night to a comedy show. We had a great time the next night I walked her home, we made out and I said goodnight. We went on a hike a few days after and we grabbed a bite to eat, and at the end of the date we had a simply kiss.

Now I saw her on Sunday and I was going out of town from that upcoming Wednesday to sunday. She said I'll see you when you get back. This whole time we text back and forth a few times everyday until I get back. When I get back I'm VERY busy with work, and I ask her if she wants to go out that Wednesday and she and one of my friends had an alumni thing they had to go to - and her best friend from high school was coming to visit the next night and she'd be packed for the weekend, but we schedule dinner for monday. Still texts me a lot. Beginning of this week, Monday she has the same story I had - she's swamped catching up with work and she may be interviewing for another job so i suggest Wednesday - she says maybe if she's caught up. Wednesday she says she's still really swamped and needs the rest of the week to catch up - still doesn't suggest a time so I say let me know whenever you're free - she continues to text me and we haven't reschedule. What should I do and what is going on?

She even said she really wants to see me, but that was on Wednesday. Should I say something in particular?


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  • It seems like she likes the 'idea' of a boyfriend, but doesn't really like the idea of working to keep a boyfriend.


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