I invested to much and got my heart broken. I miss her?

I spent the summer talking to a girl and we had a great connection. We had talked about everything from music to our personal lives and struggles. We clicked on every level. We met online and she messaged me first, the only girl to do so. I wasn't looking for anything serious but she changed my mind. The day before we were supposed to meet up she cancels because her ex is back in town and complicating things. For a couple weeks we still talk and try to meet, but today she decided to get back together with him.

I'm heart broken because I have never had that kind of connection with another girl. She was an artist, she was intelligent, she was fun. We had everything in common and I desperately wanted to at least meet her. It was awesome talking to her, snapchatting with her, and connecting on facebook. I've been talking to three others girls and while they're cool, they pale in comparison to her. I would've been fine if it wasn't such a unique and deep connection. The last time I felt something like this was in high school and nothing materialized there either. She was perfect, and I still miss her and wish we went further. It just so happens that this girl from high school also had cancer the same time as me (last winter), but while I beat it in January, she died in February.

I do have PTSD from other life events and I just hate loosing people. I just wanted to vent because I'm lonely and heart broken. I was hoping I wouldn't never have to feel this alone, insecure, and depressed again.


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  • I went through the same exact thing, and it sucks but it will pass over time. Try getting out of the house, and hanging with friends or family. I know this is a bs saying but just know that your never alone, there is always someone there for you, you just have to let them in, and try to tell someone your not feeling yourself lately, so your not just sitting there thinking, because our minds are not our bestfriend.

  • Find a hobby, next time talk to multiple women, and don't invest so much time on internet connections. After about 2-3 days, offer to meet up in a public place if they decline-- move on.


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