Do you prefer a man who is more limbic or cerebral?

I dislike limbics and applaud cerebrals, I especially do not like those with overactive amygdalas.


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  • Cerebral. Why would anyone want someone who is overly emotional or can only function on survival mode. No fun.

    • " I thought it was best to put that out there since you have the EIQ of a grape fruit."

      I second @cheeseysouffle 's opinion.

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    • Dude, you are no where near Sheldon Cooper's ability.

      Don't give yourself too much credit. None of us are.

    • And yet everyone understood what I said. It was a mistake, that I corrected, but it was still an effective use of language... just not very classy.

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  • i prefer a tomato.

  • All I know is that, those are parts of the brain. And I'm 98.9% we all technically use each part the same although our behaviors differ

  • What's the purpose of English if you use words that you know most people won't understand or google?

    • loaded question, I don't know that.

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    • Firstly, the use of colloquial language (such as your use of grapefruit) can be perceived as limbic as it often takes form in conversational ambiguity, which can lead to breakdown of effective communication due to interpretive differences to those engaged in dialogue whether in symbolic or auditory form. Secondly you used a loaded statement by implying that I am playing a game with you, when I am unaware of this game to begin with, that is quite limbic and un-cerebral of you.

      Overall your hypocrisy and childish antagonism prevents me from taking you seriously, and I find your attempt to subjugate my cognitive superiority to yours both pathetic and humorous.

      Good Day.

    • First off, limbic is used as the limbic system much like the circulatory system or the nervous system.

      Secondly, while the knee jerk response to respond is a response from the limbic system, sarcasm is actually a very abstract concept that requires a higher level of thinking.

      It's part of the EIQ or the emotional intelligence. While it doesn't connect patterns, it is apart of reading the situation emotionally and having understanding of others reactions. Without EIQ it is difficult to function in society because humans are social beings.

      You misused vocabulary and I asked for you to clarify yourself. Instead, you assumed that I didn't know what the words meant, berated me, and said that there was no possible way to re ask the question in layman's terms. This didn't have to get antagonistic but you clearly didn't think twice about bringing us here now did you?

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  • I'm not cerebral enough to know what any of that means...

  • I should introduce you to my sister. She likes guys like you.

    • Something must be wrong with her prefrontal cortex

    • Its still developing. DTI would have shown abnormalities in white matter fiber structure.