3 girls like me what to do not to be a dick?

so 3 girls like me now I don't know what happened this summer but i had a big personality change, and now i have lots of friends. but to the main problem, 2 girls that are "SO "BFF"" like me i like them as friends there really cool and the 3rd one (not related to them) im in love with. but i have a friend not really my friend any more (he is a dick) that has liked her for more than 2 years now (she thinks he is a creep and comes over to her house all the time cuz her bro is a friend of mine and his) i don't want to be a dick and date her but i think i will but if you were the 2 other girls would you hate me (would you think your not good enough)


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  • I would think im not good enough no matter what you said, but if you don't like them the best thing you can do is tell them so they don't waste anymore time liking you. Tell them you're in love with someone else. If a guy told me that I wouldn't feel so bad because you can't help who you love. If this guy isn't really your friend who cares what he thinks? Obviously she doesn't like him so its never going to work out. But before causing a big mess find out if this girl likes you! If she does go for it. You need to make yourself happy, your never going to make everyone happy.


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  • That's nice of you to ask us lol cause guys wouldn't really give a shit but anyway it would make us question why what makes her different than the other two girls cause there is somethingthathat doesn't seem to click


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