How to get in touch with more girls?

I live in a small sized town - 100,000 pop.
I work out but girls there go to work not talk and guys are always big huge body builders whose interests are football and other shallow stuff that i do not really conenct with.

I tried going to bars - didn't work. Yeah i met some girls but once they opened their mouths i was getting horribly bored.
Cars, motorcycles and parties..*sigh*

I also go swimming to a local pool - but there people only come in pairs so no chance of meeting some either.

I play video games as a hobby, so i thought hey maybe i can share that. No one so far shares them except my 2 friends - both guys though.
And comically all 3 of us hold jobs, don't live in our moms' basement like everyone assumes and struggle with this same problem.
We just enjoy pretty advanced topics - that seem to put off most women ( for some reason ).


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  • Well, I think you should probably try to go where the girls often go if you think that won't work then maybe try an online dating site or try to be interested in what they are interested in as for the video games you play as a hobby maybe try looking for another hobby. If you give it a try maybe some of these girls will show you something you would like for a hobby. You mentioned that maybe someone would share your interests and hobbies but maybe what you need to do is try to show an interest in their hobbies. You will probably find that there is more to what they say. Hope this helps.