Red haired girls, do you like red haired guys?

Every redhead guy loves redhead girls--of course. But what about redhead girls? Do you care about preserving your race or are you scum that dates brunettes? Do you hate yourself and your family or do you have the pride and self respect to date only red haired guys?

  • im a redhead and i only like redheads
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  • im a redhead and a race traitor scum
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  • im not a redhead so my life is irrelevant
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  • Actually the gene of red hair is dominant. So if you as a redhead go yogether with non read head , that child is more likely to also have the gene too. If you get together with blond its more likely to show, in dark hair it doesn't show much.

    But that poll and your description are big pile of ridiculous bullshit

    • Are you sure about that? That the gene is dominant? Where'd you see that?

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    • Yeah but the red might even show through brown and black when sun hits them.
      And green is dominant over blue, I've never heard of that

    • Thank you for MH

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  • I dyed my hair red for a long time because I wanted red hair. I have natural coppery-brown hair but like someone else said, it doesn't show too strongly because my mom is a brunette. yes, I find most redheads very attractive, as well as some not-so attractive.

    Same goes for guys of any hair color though, I don't judge people based on hair color, I'm more about the personality haha. I would love to have red-haired children though.

    • I thought that hair color was considered red... I did a question about it on gag and everyone said that auburn is red..

  • I dye my hair red, i dont know if that counts.. But i like guys with red hair.. doesn't really matter actually

  • i had a crush on the redhead guy in pochahontas

  • I think some redheaded guys are attractive but kind of weird looking. Usually really pale and also have pale eyelashes so they look kind of sickly.

  • I like redhead guys- but I'm black LOL


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