Where to decent guys worth dating?

Every guy I meet is a let down. I get flakes, liars, players, users, busy and controlling men that are unable. to have a successful relationship.

They all lie or just want sex. Say they love me after 2 weeks I am not stupid lol.

Also I've had two guys who were taken but I didn't have any idea as they never let me come their house. that became a red flag in end that something is wrong.

I've been intimate with guys but I am a virgin so I do worry guys are so patient.

Also the controlling guy didn't want me to go out or have friends cus I get a lot of attention.

When I've had a guy call me 11 times in one day I assumed they are really into me but I then realised its control and bit stalkerish behaviour.

Guy I spoke to after this was a coward. Met online after two months of talking he called it pressure when I said lets meet up. which I found strange. He is 28 single and at home still. would talk everyday to me which made me think yeah he's into me but actually meeting means a guys interested

Guy I recently met up with is always busy with work but has managed to take me on date once in last three weeks of talking to him. i can not tell if he's a good guy but I know he isn't into partying he's older then me and focused on futire and earning money.


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  • 11 times in one day!! I don't even use my phone that much in one day. Sorry to hear about your bad luck but i would just keep at it if you want to find that right guy. Maybe meet guys through friends or let the guy know you wanna be friends first and see how they handle that. I would say date me but I'm just a can of Mountain Dew. But hope this advice works and don't give up.


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  • It doesn't really matter where the two of you meet except I wouldn't be going to clubs/bars to meet anyone. At work/school/church or social/community events are good places to meet someone. Like they say, the type of person you are, the likely you'll find someone like yourself. If you like to party/drink a lot, you'd probably find someone at a club or bar but if you're looking for a nice guy, try any of the other places. Of course, people have their own definitions of 'nice' or 'good' so be sure you define the type of person you are looking for and try to match that up with who you are.

    Not many people talk about this but to find someone they think are decent, people have to be decent themselves. If you work on yourself and become the person you want to be, then you will find someone like you. Example: I want a good Christian girl who goes to church regularly and doesn't like to party/drink so I will have to be like that as well. (Not assuming anything about you, just stating my opinion as I am also working to become a better person.) People tend to look for someone like themselves who have similar/common interests so BE the person you're looking for and you will find someone who will suit you.

    Best of luck :)

    • I am a decent person but still jerks come my way

    • I apologize. I didn't mean that you weren't. I guess what I meant was: be yourself, do what you like to do and go to the places you enjoy. That's where you're most likely to find someone with similar interests. And yes, there are many like that out there. Its not easy to find a person who truly understands and cares about you. I would just stop looking and let things happen in their own time. Don't want to rush something and then regret it. Good things take time but are worth it in the end. Love always comes softly and from places you least expect it.

  • What the FUCK, where is this happening dammit !! Where?
    Here all i get is snark and ignore from all girls !><

    I swear i think this is trolling, no way this is real.. just no way !

  • Soon as you stop looking, it finds you

  • Decent guy right here but sadly I'm still single.


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