Guys, should a girl ever ask a guy to 'hang out'?

Was dating this guy about a month and a half.. we were taking it slow.. then my friend saw him on a dating site, I told him I didn't want to be messed around and put an end to it which he didn't bother replying to.
Yesterday I asked for some stuff back through text, he apologised for being a douche and I said dont worry you can't make someone like you.. he replied with I do like you, just didn't show it very well.
Do you guys think I should see if he's free later and wants to do something? Like one last go - I did really like this guy.. Or should I let him ask me (the chances are very slim knowing how stubborn he is!)
Thanks :) be as brutal as you like!


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  • Not sure if this girl asked me out, or asked to hang out, or whatever the hell this was but this is how it went

    Me: We had to put our dog of 12 years down in March because she developed stomach cancer and decided to put her out of her misery.
    Her: Have you started looking for a new dog (the sympathy was probably there, think she just didn't want to show it, I figured it was implied).
    Me: No, not really, for a couple of reasons
    Her: Well, when you do, I'd like to help. I love dogs.

    She knows I like her. While she hasn't told me she does, I see all of the signs, well, most of them anyway, if not all... just not sure what the hell this is?


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  • Dating site does not mean anything. Until you guys are official don't expect him to close accounts (which he has to pay for by the way, only girls have it free). I think you overreacted, yes you should give it a shot you were silly to quit in the first place.

    • What should I say to this guy then? "Hey let me know when you're free be nice to see you?"

    • Sure, anything like that. He isn't holding any grudges so it's no problem =)

  • As it was casual, I can't really say much but let him ask you and if he cares about the relationship, he'll reply.


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