Why are white girls far more likely than white guys (in America and Europe) to date interracial?

Although I see both dating interracial, I believe there are like 2 or 3 times more white girls that date interracially compared to white guys, in Europe maybe 4-5 times more.
It's not racism, it's not that I believe people should only stick with their race or anything else. It's simply.. something that I noticed and I wonder why?
Also if you take a look at Canada and Australia who are majority white, the story there is different, white guys and white girls date both interracial at the same rate, but in America and Europe white guys generally stick to white girls while white girls really like dating interracial.
So what do you think? What's the reason white girls date so much more interracial than white guys?


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  • I believe you are wrong.

    Roughly even numbers of white men and women date interracially. However the white women are mainly dating black men, while the white men are mainly dating Asian women.


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  • i've noticed the opposite.

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