How do I hold my boyfriends hand for the first time?

I asked him once if he wanted to and he said of course he did so I blushed really hard and just stayed quiet. I can't seem to get myself to actually do it and I don't know how. Please help?


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  • Aww. Well, if you're walking side by side let your hands knock or just feel close, he'll probably grab your hand =)


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  • It's your boyfriend so it's really normal to hold hands. Just do it! :)

    • well I have never held a boys hand before and I am really shy so I don't know how...

    • Don't be shy. He's your boyfriend because he loves you. Holding hands is really normal. I mean when you're walking or sitting next to him, just grab is hand. It's maybe a little awkward in the beginning. But you don't know when you don't try, so go for it! :)

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