How can I be less passive with girls? Tired of being single?

Hey everyone,

I'm 22 and a senior in college, never had a girlfriend. Going into this semester, I already know a girl I am interested in, but don't get to see her too much. She was in one of my classes last year (not this year), and I talked with her, but never really went further then that.

My problem is I am always too passive. Just about every girl I have talked with likes me (not necessarily in a romantic way, but I have a general interest in people and can carry a conversation pretty easily). Sometimes it's hard for me to go up and start the conversation, but once I do, it always flows nicely. Although I could improve on initiating conversations, my main issue lies with getting past just being like "classroom" buddies.

I could tell this girl was into me, but never invited her anywhere, or to do anything. I need to be able to take action. I can never really think of activities basically. Neither of us live on campus I don't want to just ask a girl to "hang out sometime" and get her number... I'd rather already have a time and place. But would just asking to hang out sometime work? Also I am on our college's soccer team and am busy almost all the time as a student athlete. The only free time I really is at night on weekends, but don't want to text her then because I don't want her to think its a booty call when were going to a party.

So if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it. I tried not to make this too long, but wanted to explain my situation as best I could!

TL:DR - I need advice on how/where to hang out with a girl to be more then just "hi/bye" relationship. (Unfortunately we have no classes together this year so no study sessions). Less passive, more active.



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  • when i like somone i like some of there photos on facebook, and if they like some of mine thats when it time to pop up and say hey, after a bit, call her beautfull now and then and ask if she wants to go somwere for dinner and talk about stuff, hope this helps

    • I would not randomly say she is beautiful like right after you like her photos. If its the first time you talk. Its moving way to fast.

    • not too fast, youse talk and you mention if you think she has a nice smile, like personaly i think its cute when i guy comments on one of my photos and calls me beautifull, then id pop up afterwards,, not too strait forward convos but not too friendly, like i think men should be in controll of the convosation and handle it, not too many compliments tho cause the girl might not hav anything to say

  • Well you could start by requesting her on Facebook and saying hey, how are you, and say at the end of a conversation that you guys should hang out sometime.

    • yes i recommend that too , and if she likes you too you will feel it from the way she talks to you on Facebook , and it is a less embarrassing way if she said no , but i hope she won't :) , good luck

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