On dating sites, do you ask out girls you're not that into?

This might be a stupid question, but for any guys who use a dating site... Say you've been chatting with a girl for a little while, just a few days, and she's pretty clearly not interested in a one-night stand. Would you ask her out even if the conversation wasn't that great? Just to see if it's better in person, maybe?

I realize I'm being insecure right now, sorry.


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  • I used to go on dating sites, until I realised that I actually have a better chance in real life.
    My take on this is.. I knew that a girl would be inundated by messages from guys because:
    1. There are far more men than women.
    2. Women under 30 generally sift through "applications", whereas men send out numerous "applications"
    Knowing that a woman is busy, I wouldn't expect the conversation to reflect her real interest or capability, hence it is difficult to gauge whether she's interested or not. There's no harm in asking them out.. at least we would have done our bit.


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  • I don't have high hopes on dating sites so if I was cool enough to talk to her I'd meet but with no intentions of anything happening. Just to make small talk. Girls online don't take that stuff seriously as it is so I'd only meet if I was 100% sure she'd show up.

  • not anymore

  • Yes i would and have

    • Why?

    • To see if we clicked in person. Plus pics on profile often don't look like the person really looks face to face. I found her way more attractive in person. And we are currently dating. Can't judge a book by it's cover or in this case online profile.

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