How would you react to this situation?

In jan my friend of 14 years introduced me to this man she had known for a few months. I added Tyler online and we seemed to hit it off. We flirted a lot and it got intense quickly. I told him I wanted a relationship and that I only have sex with guys I'm dating. He said he wouldn't pressure me and I was the type of woman he wanted to date. We hung out twice but all he did was invite me over and try to sleep with me. He then went to our mutual friend and discussed why I wasn't ready for a bf. he then ended it with me.
My friend told me it was my fault because I told him about my insecurities. I just thought the guy liked me. She had a bf but would go to Tyler's house and discuss her relationship problems until 5am. After he ended it, they both ignored me. She became single in June and they started seeing each other immediately.
I'm pissed... but they tell me I have no reason to be. How would you guys feel?


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  • Don't be pissed, be glad you're not with him/her/them.
    It's because you wouldn't sleep with him. So he dumped you for her.
    There are few boundaries here, and most have been trampled.
    With friends like this, you don't need enemies.
    Have you considered widening your circle of friends? :-)

    • Thanks! They say I only see things in black and white but I think the facts speak for themselves here.

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