Does he see a future with me?

My boyfriend was trying to figure out how to use a website and a whole bunch of pictures with his ex came up on the website he did not know how to use. They were at a were from a year ago. I asked him why they broke up and he said the girl moved, did drugs, and drank too much. He later said I didn't see a future with her and I asked and with me? he said I was different. I was smart and he could talk to me about real stuff. So I'm guessing he does see a future with me?

oh and he is in his late 20's


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  • If he's saying that then yes he can see himself being with a girl who has her head on straight then a girl who doesn't sounds to me like him and his ex weren't official at all it was just a hook up for the moment or something that really he had no means in getting serious with just for fun with her but with you i think he is very serious with you there fore you are serious with him and are that girl who can be reserved and be a lady but also a fun spirit kind of girl and thats what he wanted not some girl who is out for the party scene

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