Signs when a girl considers you just a friend and rejects you as a boyfriend?

I was curious cause I have heard stories


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  • I'm just going off me here, other girls are probably very different in their signs.

    When I truly don't see a guy as someone I could be interested in and I know (assume) he's not interested in me, I just act like one of the guys (I am the only girl in my group of friends though, so being "one of the guys" comes naturally for me)

    If it's a guy I don't know very well, or I know he's into me, then I still treat him like I would a friend, but I won't make eye-contact so frequently, or I'll act a little awkward I guess/try to avoid drawn-out conversations, and I generally won't agree to most plans/dates they try to make (I use the excuse "I'm tired/busy") until I know they don't see me in that way.

    I know a few girls who will just ignore/avoid the guy altogether, and some who will just flat out say "it's not gonna happen, stop hitting on me".


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  • Usually I treat a guy I think of as a friend as a friend , I talk to him bout almost everything I would talk to my girl friends about, sometimes I call then my best friend or buddy and that can be a sign of friend zoning but if I like a guy then you treat them a little special, your more nice to them and laugh at all their jokes and try to look your best around them. With a guy you've friendzoned you kinda don't give a crap what you look like. But there r times when you friend zone a guy but then you get so close with them that you begin to realize you like them and that maybe you could see somthing. That happens unexpectedly sometimes


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