I don't know what a romantic relationship is suppose to be?

I don't know how a man and a woman relationship is suppose to be.

I've noticed that I have no idea what a relationship is suppose to be.

I am confused more than ever.


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  • There is no such thing as unconditional love between men and women. That -only- exists between parents and their children, if at all. It is immensely naive to believe that someone will love you unconditionally. You have to meet a standard of attractiveness, a standard for a decent personality, a standard for emotional and physical health. -A lot- of conditions are involved in that. People enter romantic relationships when they subconsciously feel that have found a partner who meets (or exceeds) their standards/conditions. A romantic relationship is supposed to be an effective partnership, a way for both people to strip away insecurities, bolster each other, help each other grow, and of course, provide a way to express sexual needs and desires. That's what it's -supposed- to be. Good luck finding that.

    • Its a limiting belief to say that two people can't be in love without conditions. Conditions meaning for example, "I'll buy you a frog on one condition, you have to kiss me". They are there to give and dont expect to receive. I can't agree with you on that but the bottom half i totally agree with.

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    • Your rhythmically flailing flippers and bobbing head indicates otherwise.

    • @levin huh. I thought i was a dead turtle.

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  • Two people that love eachother unconditionally. They give without expecting anything back and are there to meet eachothers needs.


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  • They do nice things for each other. Roses, little cute gestures out of care n consideration. Makes your heart beat and race when he comes home to you after work... Notes. Blah blah blah.