How do you get your ex back?

My boyfriend and I were dating for a couple years and I love him with every ounce of my heart. He told me we needed a break and the next day started dating my used to be close friend... He then, while dating her, talked to me all the time making fun of her and saying he still loves me. Also saying we will have a future. Then him and my used to be friend broke up. He's single now and I want him back. I know I shouldn't after what happened but I do. How do I get him to want me back?


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  • believe me, you don't want him back.
    what you want back is the good times you too had together,
    but after what happened the are a thing of the past!


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  • why do u want him back?
    make a list of pros and cons of your relationship.
    if you do find the pros are outweighing the cons here, then you want to approach this like a ninja. utilize your beauty/ attractive qualities withat first got him into your life. ask him to come over or somethin light. i wish u the best.


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