Why do women suddenly stop talking in the middle of conversation? (Actual Convo)?

I have absolutely had it with the female population! Why do women show interest in a messaging conversation and then all of a sudden disappear as if they fell off the face of the earth?
I did message her back to back once after she did not respond for a day and this is what she sent me back:

"Hey!!! Sorry! Yes. I'm currently sitting in the floor of my bedroom completely overwhelmed. Considering this is the third time that I've moved this year, it will be easy. It's just mentally exhausting. I throw everything away though. You can open any drawer or cabinet in my apartment and it's perfectly organized and I use everything in it. I seriously form zero sentimental attachments to anything anymore. I guess you get like that when you've moved 15 times in your life! Anyway, I've been doing marketing for my dad since January. I just can't do it anymore. There's not enough for me to do and I'm bored... plus I really don't like Jonesboro. Soooo I'm moving to Memphis. I don't know what I'm going to do there yet. I have somewhere to live and all of that... and all of my moving stuff figured out. I want to do something more fun and creative. I might go back to school for my masters. I seriously have like 4k thoughts going on in my head right now, haha. I want to learn to play golf though!"

So she's moving and sounds like she's got a lot going through her head right now, but at the end she says she wants to learn to play golf, which is basically my profession. After a few more messages she ends with:

Oh god! I'm so sorry!!! I just went to (Place) for the first time this summer. I've always said I want to move there. I went for work and didn't get to do anything remotely exciting or even see the beach, but I still loved it!



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  • She seems insanely busy so you just have to give her a couple days to get everything figured out. Sometimes when girls are stressed or exhausted or just insanely pissed they sometimes just want to be alone and don't want to talk to anyone, friends, family, no one. So maybe she needs some space to just gather herself. But if she continues this then just stop responding to her and if she tries to talk to you then you know she really does wanna talk to you otherwise she's just ignoring you for a reason like she doesn't like talking to you or somthing


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  • Cut her some slack, it sounds like she has a lot going on so her replies for the time being will probably cut short every so often. Given the length of her replies, she's making an effort to at least keep conversation going.

    I actually have a good friend who is a musician do this to me in almost every conversation we have. Then I'll get a message from him out of the blue apologizing three weeks later haha

  • Your conversation probably gets really boring. I beg if you all of the sudden didn't reply to them anymore then they would blow up your phone too. Girls like to have attention and when we don't hve it we go nuts.


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  • Women talk to much actually...

    • Tell me something I don't know!! It's like they talk too much when you don't want to hear it and then they are terrible about communicating when you need to haha.

  • Options, and plenty of them. Women have countless suitors vying for their attention. You are probably the back up safe guy.

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