I'm super shy and am suppose to be going on a date with a guy? Help?

I'm 20 and have only ever been on one date with a guy that was pretty much set up by a co worker. Pretty much a blind date we texted for a week or two before all this but we went to a hockey game and he knew I was shy and there were just moments where I couldn't figure out what to say or what to do and we'd just stare and smile and for me that felt awkward. Anyway this didn't work out we got to two dates and that was it. He was a player. I've never had an actual boyfriend. Anyway I met this guy on an app called Whisper. We've been talking for about a month now and he wants to go on a date with me. He's told me he's really outgoing and knows how shy I am. He told me don't worry he'll make it not awkward and keep everything going smooth. But I'm still nervous. We are going to a movie which I feel more comfortable with bc there will be less talking a bit of cuddling I'm guessing (the first guy we went on a date to the movies as well and we cuddled) and I just feel more comfortable being in a public place meeting someone new and getting comfortable in his presence. I'm not good at this though so what do I do? Just kinda hope for the best. And going back to the past. The guy put his arm around me and I really didn't know what to do. I slowly put my head on his shoulder but that took a while and the whole time I was scared he wouldn't like that or something. Do I do that with this guy? There's a bit of a height difference too. Probably he would be 9 inches taller then me. And I'm fairly small and he's big and muscular lol so I don't know what do I do? He calls me cute all the time and thinks short girls are adorable. I'm like 5'3 and he's told me that's the perfect height for him. I'm just so nervous I won't be able to find what to say or it won't come out. I've gotten somewhat more used to being around guys my age due to my boss hiring lots. But I'm not AS shy as I was a year ago. Will a movie date be easier? I was super nervous with that other guy!

He's also not really creepy either. Unlike most guys on that site they ask for nudes within 5 minutes of talking he's never once brought up being horny or wanting nudes. He's more mature I think so that's good


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  • movie dates are considered bad by many, people but i think they are great.
    if you feel uncomfortable with the guy, you just split up right after the movie.
    if you like him, you can go to a coffee place after the movie and you already have a topic to talk about: the movie.
    on the first few dates, you don't have to cuddle, put your arm around him... unless your comfortable with the situation.


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