How to convince my crush that he's the one?

How can I convince my crush that he's the one? That I will love him today, tomorrow and forever? What kind of message do you guys like? Help me pleaaaase


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  • Just tell him how you feel, and if you feel like you'll love him forever then tell him that.
    If he's not convinced by that then i don't know what will.
    All you can do is tell him some more.

    • Thank you! He loves me too but he don't want to try long distance relationship because he's afraid to get hurt again. But I won't ever hurt him and I've told him that today.. So hope I can convince him

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  • I know I'm not I guy but girl BRAVO!!! You are so confident and wow! You go girl!! Good luck!!!

    • i'm really nog confident actually. That's why I asking people here for help. I love my crush but he's afraid that I'll break his heart. But I won't..