He doesn't want a Skype relationship help me?

The problem is, my guy lives far away. And he already told me he loves me but he doesn't want a Skype relationship. I love him too, so how can I convince him? Distance means so little when someone means so much. I don't want to give up on us because of the stupid distance.. Please I really really need help!


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  • If he says he doesn't want a long distance relationship, the odds of changing his mind are very very slim. I'm sorry and I know personally how bad it sucks, but it's the truth. But just because he doesn't want a Skype relationship, doesn't mean you can't stay friends and in contact.

    How long is the distance - do you live in the same country? Moving when you're older (for school, work, or just for a change) is always an option if y'all maintain a close friendship while you're apart. I truly hope everything works out.

    • I really don't want to be friends because I have very strong feelings for him and he alsp for me. I just don't want to give my love up because of the distance. He's amazing, he's perfect for me. I'd rather hava a broken heart after trying than that I'll regret it because I haven't even tried.

      He lives in Italy and I live in the Netherlands but with the airplane it's only 1 hour. i know it's gonna be really hard and I'll miss him a lot and I'll be sad and jealous sometimes but I want to go for it. I never had those strong feelings for someone, I love him with all of my heart. But he's 22 so I understand he's ready for a 'real' relationship, for a serious relationship. But we can try at least. He said that he has always dreamed of having a girlfriend like me. He wants to give love and be loved. He's tired of loving girls he can't have. But hey here I am? i am that girl where you have dreamed of, you can have me and I do love you..

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  • When he says he does not want a Skype relationship, that probably means he wants a relationship with someone close enough to be a dating relationship. Even if he did Skype with you, he probably would be looking for a closer relationship (and finding one) while Skypeing with you. Does not sound promising.

    • I met him on holiday and we had two amazing weeks. Ans he told me he loved me and that he wished I lived closer. He don't want a longdistance relationship because he's afraid to get hurt again. He already tried once and she broke his heart. But I definitely won't hurt him and Injust want to try it. i'd rather have a broken heart after trying than that I'll regret it because I haven't even tried.

  • What does a Skype relationship even mean? o. o

    • It's actually long distance relationship

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