Should I go for this Theater girl? and How?

Okay, so I'm a sophomore and recently I joined the theater club at my high school. Just after the first meeting, the theater teacher told us about the production they're gonna do with those who have never been in a high school play. So I figured I'd audition. At the audition we had to cold read 2 different scripts with the people they put you with. So first script I got, I did my thing, acted like the character all that. Next script I got, I was paired up with a small freshman girl. She seemed happy to work with me and told me how she thought I was great on stage, even thinking I was a junior with more theater experience than I had (which is none). We talked to each other and I'd really like to talk to her more. On Tuesday, they're gonna put who made the auditions on the call board so I'll probably see her there. Should I go for her? And what do I say? do?

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  • I THINK YOU SHOULD GO FOR IT... start a normal conversation


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