How to make this guy like me more and interested with me?

I like this guy from dating site we knew each other and we both met once, he wants to be friends with me. He didn't text that much or call me and I'm the one that text him often but now I am texting him less cause u don't want him to think I am so needy. I really admire and interested with him, and I wan to make him like me more and spent time more often together cause we didn't go out for a 2nd date. He tells me his busy always. Yday I text him just say hi to him and he reply to me cause we didn't get to text each other for a week. Today I text him I told HOW ARE YOU DOING? And he read my message but didn't reply to me. I just don't know why? :(( how to make him like me more.. We kiss on the first date and hug..


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  • i think you should focus on yourself love yourself and not at all try anymore with this guy he should put more effort in communicating with you you have done enough on your part your pretty and if he can't see all the good qualities and the things you doing for yourself and where your going in life then clearly he is not driven as much as you are to go anywhere especially if it takes him 20 text just for him to answer i could see if he was busy but he has not at all showed he wants to make this work as much as you have the point is he doesn't sound driven to me like you are i can tell your gonna be one of those people that go some where in life and i don't think u need a guy who only makes you feel like you aren't something when your doing more then he is

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