First time dating for both. Did I make her lose interest?

A few months ago I (21yo) met this girl (20yo) via mutual friends and in July i asked her out on a date, first time i ever did by the way ;)
So she said yes, we had an incredible first date and we ended up having a second date two days later.
We talked that night about dating, she told me she never had a boyfriend and she asked me continue dating for the time being and to go slow.
I agreed to take it slow and said i had never dated before either. No kissing both times

Because of vacation and studying for some exams we only had one official date since then a month later.
I tried to kiss her in the car after hanging out with some friends but she didn't get my signals so i ended up kissing half of her mouth. Blame my lack of experience ;)
On the last official date, a month ago, i didn't dare to kiss her because of my last kissing failure.

During those weeks we were apart, we texted daily, i initiated the texts every other day. I made her laugh a lot, she started saying good night with an x at the end.
Until last sunday, she suddenly stopped signing with an x at the end and she became more distant. I asked her this Friday if the daily texting hadn't been too much for her and she said no and we talked for a few minutes before our friends arrived.
That night however, she mostly talked to her best female friend she hadn't seen in a long time.

Am i overthinking this too much?
Remember that this is my and her first dating experience, so i knew things were going to be difficult a times.
We only had 3 official dates, and with friends it's always awkward so it doesn't count as a date to me.
Did i make her lose interest and is there any way to fix my mistakes? I'm actually afraid to text her again..

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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  • I don't know. Maybe she's getting overwhelmed even though she likes you. I had a similar experience with my first boyfriend in high school (senior year). I really liked him and was excited to be dating him but I called it off because it was too much too soon. It could be a similar case. She could be trying to back off because she thinks it's moving too fast. I ended up getting back with him a week later and we dated for a year and eight months before he broke up with me before sophomore year in college.

    • Thanks for your response! I hope I'll see her again this weekend after she gets back from her trip and get some anwers. She changed her texting when I send her a compliment about how beautiful she is. I had done that before and she always responded well to it, but she has ignored every compliment since then. A friend of mine said it's because I haven't kissed her yet? I only go slow because she told me to and one of her girlfriends told me to. Wouldn't have imagined to be having these kind of problems a few months ago ;)

    • Slower is better. Always.

    • We may never find out how good slower is in this case :/ So I texted her to meet today, she told me she had to rest because of an injury she had this morning. I said I understood, told her to get well soon and then casually told her we could just meet next week. She then told me she didn't know if she would be free that week. The 'good guy' in me felt like he was being played with so I kinda snapped and told her I just wanted to talk to her about the last months and that communicating solely via texting is far from ideal and that I'm getting tired of it. Can't call her because her parents don't know about us. Haven't heard from her since that text. On the one hand I feel bad about it because of my feelings for her and I would never want to hurt her, but on the other I don't want her to think of me as some loser who would beg to meet her.

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