What are some reasons that a guy won't ask out a girl?

I'm not high maintenance by the way hahah but this guy hasn't asked me out yet :/ will he?
When we hangout with other people, he will always sit next to me and our legs/arm would be touching side by side. Once I went to hangout with him and his brother and we went into a really scary haunted house and I just instinctively held onto his arm and later on he said that that felt good hahah and he messages me every day. And just the other day he said that he didn't want to sound weird but he said that I'm attractive so that's why random people will sometimes come up to me and start talking to me out of no where hahah. and sometimes when he teases me lightly and like points out a clown (I'm scared of clowns) and I say noooo why do you point that out and run a little ahead of him to get away from the clown then he will catch up, laugh a bit and say hahah I'm sorry and touch my back. he's really nice, and pretty smart, we've known each other for about a month. I'm 18 and he's 17 but turning 18 in October by the way :) ALSO he drew a really amazing sketch of me hahah and he gave it to me. He will also hug me when we have to go x)


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  • she's not my type physically.

    or i don't like her personality.


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  • A lack of confidence perhaps or maybe he wants to avoid being rejected so he's waiting till he's sure you'll say yes.

    • so if I show him that I like him back, he will ask me out?

    • Can't say for sure, but if he does like you he should ask at some point.

  • A man usually thinks that a good looking girl is already spoken for.


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