Am I wrong to miss him?

I'm 14 and he's 18 (let's call him Sam). We met when me and my my parents stayed in his cottage 2 years ago (I was 12 he was 16). Our family's became friends and we spent a lot of time together in those two weeks. Since then we have been on holiday together, met eachothers family's and i visit him a lot (he lives 300) miles away. I have just returned from my summer holiday where we spent 2 weeks together. I know what you might think, he's 18! But he is a very young 18 but I can't explain how. Anyway we do flirt and always spend whole days together, on his jet ski etc. we did a 5 mile walk together one night and we couldn't stop talking. However, the weekend before he went to a festival and I know he had sex with a girl he met there and also kissed his best friend as a 'dare' last weekend. He's told me wants a long distant relationship and that he sees me as 18. I know he's just fooling around with these girls and I don't mind because he doesn't know I like him so there isn't a problem but for some reason he tries to keep this from me? I am trying to forget him because I won't see him for 3 months but it is so hard because we have been inseparable for 3 weeks.
I would just like to know whether you think anything is there, whether I should keep in touch with him and what you would do?


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  • Just be careful. He could easily break your heart.


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