Did I offend him? Is he losing interest? Or just having a headache?

Went for a 3rd date with a guy I met online. (In between our dates, we exchange at least a few msg's everyday over text, even when he was on vacation/work for ~2 wks).

We've hit it off, but on our last date, he was having a bad headache. As he didn't want to leave, he stayed through it. He was very sweet, caressing my hand the whole night and my knee. I'm not used to such affection, but grew more comfortable with it over time (I told him this). He told me he "kind of" likes me, b/c he didn't want to come on too strong. I told him I kind of like him too.

It ended with a heavy, make-out session by my car and a little groping of my butt and boobs (although he asked first), during which he'd whisper, "I like you" and I would say it back.

Saturday I texted him the afternoon asking him how his headache was. He said it was a bit better, then he asked how I was doing. We exchanged a few msg's and then he said, We should do this again sometime. And I said, "Yes, for sure, cause I kind of like you too ;)". And he wrote back something like, "[Kissy emoticon], Thought it was funny you got offended when I said 'kind of' last night". I said, "Actually, no I was just teasing you, ;), I think kind of is a good way to put it at least for now."

He still hasn't replied yet. Maybe he still is getting over his headache... If I haven't heard from him in 1-2 days, I was considering asking him if I offended him by replying with "kind of"... or just ask him again how he is feeling? I just find it weird b/c we talk so regularly...


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  • Doesn't sound offending at all. Just wait for him to reply. Could be headache or just too busy. I'm waiting 1~2 weeks for a reply from my girlfriend (we've met online as well). She really likes me but has too much going on in RL to talk to me.


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