@Girls:On a (first) date, are you really attracted to someone who is clearly really into you?

So let's say it's your first date with a guy (let's assume you met him online).

He hugs you and gives you a kiss on the cheek.

He touches you a lot, he gives you some compliments, he always looks at you when you are speaking. He opens doors for you.

Would you be really attracted to this? Or would it turn you off because men always give you this attention in daily life?

I am confused because someone turned me down yesterday and said "I was very hard to read". Yet at the same time she thought "I was into her". Quite the contradiction.

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Girls don't reply to this for some reason, is it because I am white?
Quite one sided and clear right now, but we don't have a lot of votes yet though :P


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  • I typically never get men who hold open doors for me, if they do they are always pushen' me aside to get inside first.

    I would most definitely be attracted to that kind of man you have described, more so because it's a true rarity to find a man that will open doors for you first, gives your compliments, and especially looks at you while you talk. I can't stand having a conversation without any kind of eye contact.

    Being white has nothing to do with it. (sorry I replied, I had to).

    Some men are indeed hard to read, but I think that is because they do not set themselves up to be more open with one-another, thus making is definitely harder to truly get to know that person.


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  • The guy I'm into is very hard to read, I'd like it if they are honest with me.


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