Why would a guy cheat on his girlfriend and stay with her?

so i met this guy. it very complicated. so long story short. he cheated on his girlfriend with me but i never knew that they were still together he clearly told me that they broke up. its not until i found out from a friend that he was seeing me and his previous gf. so i caught him. he tried very hard to get me while he got back with his ex. he told me he loved me and that romantic crap. then when i found out he was cheating. he chose to stay with the girl he cheated on with instead of me. why?


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  • Comfort. He's already put in the work of getting into a relationship with her and they have a history. He doesn't need to build anything new with her, and he can probably get away with a lot more with her. He cheats because he's not in love with her and/or simply isn't a loyal person. He stays because he can get the best of both worlds this way.

    • OMG i agree with you. but now that he stayed with the girl he cheated on. he doesn't have me as a gf anymore. so how is he still getting the best of both worlds?

    • It's not over in his mind. He's gotten you once which satisfied him for now. Now he's going to get her. In a bit he'll try to get you or someone else again behind her back. It's a numbers/thrill game for him. He'll never be loyal to one person at this point in his life, and he sees no reason to because girls will still accept him and be loyal to him regardless.

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  • Well, I guess the story he gave you was crap- most cheaters never leave the wife/GF.

  • Cuz guys your age are pigs for the most part. He probably knew it would be easier to cheat on the other girl. Do yourself a favor and focus on other things in your life besides getting hurt by stupid boys. You are not even 18 yet and have so much ahead of you. No need to hate men by the time you hit 20.


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