What are some fun, flirty things to do on a date at a country fair?

Best food to share?

Best type of ride to go on?

Best game to play? (I was thinking water guns and then turn and squirt the guy with the gun. haha. is that flirty?)

Maybe make cute bets like play a game and the loser buys cotton candy.

I'm up for anything so don't be afraid to say what you want to say. Thanks for the advice.


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  • Cotton candy is definitely the best food to share especially when your mouths might accidentally bump each others. The best ride could be the merry go round, he'd ride on the front while you sit behind holding him. Best game to play could be the dunk tank where you guys would take turn trying to make the other one wet. Just turn up the flirt and playful touching and I'm sure it's a day you guys will always remember.


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